Money Saving Tips – Christmas Shopping


Have a lot of people you need to buy gifts for? Me too. Want to hear how I can stretch a dollar? Here are a few of my personal money saving techniques.

1. Coupon Codes.

Seems obvious but not everyone goes to the same great lengths as I do to find the almighty coupon code.

If you aren’t shopping online you need to. It’s easy, it’s fast and most of the time there are no shipping or tax!

Before you buy anything make sure you do a simple Google search for a coupon code at whatever site you are on. For example, you want to buy your son or daughter a toy from Toys R’ Us. Go to Google and type in “Toys R Us coupon code” and you will immediately get several results. Bottom line, FIND THEM, USE THEM!

2. Apps

Put that smart phone to good use. Download an app called Retail Me Not. Its an awesome app that will let you find and use in store coupons from your phone!

For example you are at Bed Bath and Beyond and you are about to go checkout and you realize you don’t have any coupons… Oh no! Fear not! Pull out that trusty iPhone and launch the Retail Me Not App and click on Bed Bath and Beyond In-Store Offers.

Another great App is RedLaser. It allows you to scan an items bar code with your phones camera and it will tell you who has the lowest price on that item, both in store and online. Simply show the clerk at checkout and get the price matched!

3. Haggle

Not everyone is comfortable with this but I assure you it’s not as hard as you may think. Did you know stores like Best Buy and Sears will most certainly haggle?

For example you are at Best Buy and you want to buy your son a new TV. Tell the sales guy you are shopping around (this is also a great time to use the RedLaser app) and you found the item cheaper elsewhere and you would like to know if they could do any better. Most of the time they will at least match the best price and you can usually get them to throw in or discount any needed accessories.

4. Ask for Coupons

Stores like Kohls, Bath and Body Works, Bed Bath and Beyond and Victoria’s Secret are notorious for mailing coupons. When you get to the checkout simply ask the clerk if they have any coupons you could use. 9 times out of 10 they will scan a coupon for you!

5. Stay alert!

Keep an eye out for sales on items you already purchased. If it goes on sale, take your receipt to the store and ask to match the current price and refund the difference. Save Your receipts!

There are many other techniques and tips out  there, hope this helps and happy shopping!!