Kid Proof Your iPhone and iPad


Ever give your child your phone to play a game or let them watch a video only to give it back 16 seconds later because they pressed a button and exited the app?

Want to know how to lock the app in place and even block areas of the app so your child can’t accidentally purchase in app content?

Here’s how -

Enable the ¬†“Guided Access” feature on your¬†iPhone/iPad

Go to Settings, General, then scroll to Accessibility

Now scroll down to the Learning and tap Guided Access and turn from Off to On

Now that Guided Access is on you will need to set a 4 digit passcode to exit Guided Access when its enabled during an app.

Next step is go to the app you want to kid proof.

Click the home button 3 times to enable Guided Access

Now you also have the ability to draw on areas of the app that you don’t want your child to access. For example I chose the areas on Angry Birds where you can purchase help.

Now your child can play the game safely and you don’t have to worry about them leaving the app or purchasing any content.

To exit Guided Access all you have to do is click the home button 3 times and it will prompt you for your 4 digit code to exit.

Now you have successfully kid proofed your iPhone/iPad. Enjoy!

Here are visual instructions -


















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