Confessions of a Clothoholic


Confessions of a Clothoholic

When ever I first mentioned I had interest in cloth diapering I got a lot of feedback mostly negative “eww”, “that’s disgusting”, “what about the poop?” and so on and so forth. So let start by saying modern cloth diapering is completely different than what your mother or grandmother are used to. Before I get into the many different systems of cloth diapering I’d like to share how I got started along with the benefits.

My oldest son is 3 years old we used disposable diapers with him. I knew very little about cloth diapers and when it was mentioned to me by friends I did what most people do, I turned my nose up at the thought. When we found out we were expecting our second  child I was scared. We really weren’t set financially so I wanted to find ways we could save some money. When I thought about how much money we would spend on disposables the first year I started to panic. It was roughly going to cost $1,200 for the name brand disposables. That’s when I started to do my own research and found everything thing I knew about cloth diapering was completely wrong.

The benefits of cloth are amazing. I don’t fill up landfills with poop bombs that take hundreds of years to to break down. They are chemical free, yes there are harmful carcinogen’s lurking in those name brand diapers you buy. Also they can save a crap load of money“no pun intended.” There is a bit of investment into buying all those cloth diapers, but the awesome thing is when baby is potty trained you can resell them and get your money back.

Now to the negative, well not really negative just annoying part of cloth.  The washing, I do an extra load of laundry every two days. Its not terrible but I’m not a laundry person so to me its rather annoying.

There are so many different cloth diapers on the market today it can get very overwhelming trying to remember everything. Don’t let that discourage you once you know what you want its pretty easy. Here’s a rundown of the different  type of cloth diapering systems.

1.     Pocket Diapers.  Pocket diapers have a pocket opening between the outer waterproof shell and the inner layer that touches baby’s skin. you place an absorbant material “insert” inside of the pocket. When diaper is soiled you remove insert from pocket, dump waste, and put in diaper pail to be washed. This diapering system is what I find to be the most popular.

2.     AIO “all in one”  An all in one is the closest you can get to the conventional disposable diaper. Everything comes already intact and ready to use. You put on baby take off and throw in diaper pail to be washed.

3.     AI2 “all in two” all in twos are just like the all in ones, exept you can take the insert on and off by snapping and unsnapping it.

4.     Fitted. A fitted diaper is not waterproof. Its usually made from very soft organic fibers.It requires a waterproof cover to prevent leaking. My son can wear one for hours without a cover. It depends on how heavy your little one wets.

5.     Hybrid. Hybrids are by far my most favorite cloth diaper. They are super soft like a fitted and usually come in two parts like an all in two. For the most part it is completely waterproof. My son can wear these for hours and stay totally dry! They come in the cutest prints but they are usually the most expensive.

Getting Started
These are the things you will need to get started on your cloth diapering journey.

1.     Diaper pail
2.     Pail Liner
3.     Cloth Diapers
4.     Drying Rack or a place to dry them

I recommend you try many cloth diapers before you shell out a great investment into one brand.  Its roughly going to cost $130-$300 depending on the brand of diapers you want to use. But don’t let that scare you away, These diapers easily resell for almost the same value. You’ll need about 24 diapers depending on how often you want to do laundry.  I wanted to wash every other day so I got 24 to start out with. I ordered from a cheap diapering company in china called “Sunbaby” I think I paid between $130-$140 for 24 diapers and inserts. Which is a great deal!!!  8 months into cloth I still use some of those diapers. If you want to buy name brand diaper as in “BumGenius” “Grovia” “Best Bottom” etc.. you can get them cheaper from buy sell trade sites on Facebook these are used diapers but they are just as good or even better because they’ve been broken in and absorb better. If you’re turned off by purchasing used diapers you can bleach them and they are as good as new. If you want to buy brand new is a great place to get them.

As I mention above the Hybrid cloth diapers are my absolute favorite. Most of these diapers are WAHM diapers as in Work At Home Mom diapers . They are so soft and squishy its hard not to fall in love with them. There are usually a ton of fabric choices to choose from which it great because it gives you an option to customize your own diaper. I have a huge momma crush on one WAHM in particular. She owns the rights to HEYDUDE diapers. They fit my son the best and she has hundreds of fabric choices to choose from. I’m currently waiting on some custom print diapers right now.

I will be honest and tell you cloth diapering has not saved me one single cent! “oh but Nikki you said they’d save so much money!” They can save you tons of money but with cloth diapering comes TONS of cute magical prints that you cant stay away from. I look forward to my son soiling a diaper so I can put him and another fruity colorful print. I’m so addicted to cloth diapering I want to convert and convince every mom in the world that cloth is for them.

Now down to the nitty gritty part of cloth diapering. Washing  your diapers and dealing with the POOP gasp!!!!!  Every single cloth diapering momma has a different routine or a different way they like to deal with the poop. I’m just going to share what works for me and what I do. Let me disclose I am not an expert I just do what works for us.

When I get a new diaper I always wash it first or do whats called “prep” Ill wash the new diaper in hot water with detergent. I use original tide powder form because I’ve found it cleans the best for me. I use ¼ of a cup wash in hot and do two cold rinses. After they are done being washed I throw them in the dryer on low for 20 minutes to seal the PUL “water proof material.”

When its time to put the diaper on you need to find the right fit for your baby. I highly recommend watching YouTube videos on learning how to snap them on correctly. I learned everything  I need to know from YouTube! Ill include some helpful links at the end.


1.     If your baby is solely breastfeed you can just take the diaper off and toss in your diaper pail. If you’re baby is formula fed or on solids you’ll need to dispose of the poop.  There are many different ways to get the poop off.
2.     Dunk n flush. You can put your diaper in the toilet and swish like crazy until the poop comes off.
3.     Spray of the poop with a diaper sprayer that attaches to the side of the toilet. This can get a bit expensive.
4.     Diaper liners. You can order diaper liners off the internet so when baby poops it catches it all and goes in the trash.
5.     After your diaper is free of poop you throw it in your diaper pail that is lined with the water proof pail liner.

You’ll want to wash your diapers at least every other day to avoid getting the stinkies.

I can say in 8 months I’ve only had stink issues once and it was because I wasn’t using enough detergent. Different sites will warn you to use very little detergent because they are scared of build up. But come on you’re washing human waste off of something !!!!! It needs to get clean. I don’t personally believe in detergent build up because I’ve never had my diapers leak. Since were talking about detergent I will also tell you there is no need to go out and buy “cloth diaper safe detergent” any detergent that does not have fabric softener will work perfectly fine.

My Wash Routine

1.    I pull my diaper liner out of my pail that’s full of soiled diaper and dump them in the wash. I then flip my pail liner inside out and toss that in there as well.
2.    I rinse them twice in cold water to get all the excess pee and poop off.
3.    Once the rinses are done I use the settings with the most water and wash on hot on the longest cycle. I also add the right amount of detergent needed for the load size.
4.    When they are done washing I do and additional two rinses on cold and then hang on the line to dry.

Cloth Diapering Myths

1.    They smell. No actually my diapers smell pretty fresh.
2.    They leak. No I’ve only had 2 diaper blow outs from cloth and it was my own fault.
3.    They make your washer and baby smell. I Just laugh at this one. It’s a hard no
4.     They stain. Maybe sometime but its nothing a little sunning wont take care of.
5.     Bleach will ruin my diapers. Yes and no. I have successfully bleached all of my waterproof “PUL” diapers with out changing color or harming them. Its actually recommend to bleach at least once a month. Make sure your diapers are not color fast. Any material that feels like cloth cotton or made from a t shirt material I would not bleach.

How to Bleach
·        Fill washer completely full with hot water. ( I have a top loader) I have no idea how to help you ladies who have HE (front loaders) washers.
·        Add ¼ cup of bleach and let the water agitate for a second before adding your diapers.
·        Add diapers. I let them sit for 20 minutes, just because I do.
·        I then close my lid and let them go through the longest wash cycle I have.
·        After I have successfully bleached I like to wash them once more with detergent just to make sure I’ve washed away all the bleach.
·        Hang to dry.


There will be stains. Face it your little pooper trooper is going to drop a big one as soon as you strap on that cute little dipe you’ve been waiting all day to put on. Depending on the poo it may or may not stain even if you rinse it off right away. If you are like me and want to keep them stain free you will want to sun them. Once my diapers and inserts come out the wash I go to my drying rack that I have conveniently placed in front of my window. If I notice any stains all I do is place the stained side in the sun and it magically disappears. Its crazy how the sun bleaches them right away. Don’t believe me? Give that bouncing baby some blueberries and give it a go.

I have over 110 diapers. You’ve heard of the crazy cat lady right? Well I’m the crazy diaper lady. I cant get enough fluff. When I have a new diaper coming in the mail I stalk my mail man like a Kim Kardashian fan. This is not an exaggeration I have fallen so in love cloth diapers, I will browse my buy sell trade sites all throughout the day waiting to catch that awesome deal on the most perfect diaper. I proudly have all of my diapers on display in my dining room so I can show them to anyone who enters my home. I guess you can call me a diaper snob. I had no idea going into this that I would become so infatuated  with something my child relieves himself in.

I hope I’ve at least gave you the general idea of how cloth diapering works. Also I hope I have maybe changed your mind on the whole concept. I’v enjoyed writing this I’m happy there was so much interest in wanting to learn about fluff and my routines .  Thanks so much for reading! If you have any questions or feel I have left anything out don’t be afraid to ask or comment. I’ll include some links to my favorite “BST” sites and some helpful YouTube videos.



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