Money Saving Tips – Christmas Shopping

Have a lot of people you need to buy gifts for? Me too. Want to hear how I can stretch a dollar? Here are a few of my personal money … Continue Reading →


Worlds Easiest Hair Bow Display/Storage!

Worlds easiest hair bow display/storage! Simply take a piece of ribbon. Cut it to desired length Attach it to the wall by either tying it to a hook or just … Continue Reading →


How To Perform Infant CPR

I hope none of you need to ever do this but just in case it’s better to be prepared. Share with others as this is always a good refresher. How … Continue Reading →


Confessions of a Clothoholic

Confessions of a Clothoholic When ever I first mentioned I had interest in cloth diapering I got a lot of feedback mostly negative “eww”, “that’s disgusting”, “what about the poop?” … Continue Reading →


Use Baby Wipes to Remove Deodorant Marks From your Shirt

It seems like black shirts and dresses are a magnet for deodorant and no matter how hard you try to avoid the inevitable stain you get it. Did you know … Continue Reading →


Keep Picture Frames Straight with Mounting Putty

I’m a little OCD and I hate to see picture frames that are crooked. I’m the type of person that will straighten the picture in the doctors office or at … Continue Reading →


Got Flies? Use Glass Cleaner Instead of a Swatter

Flies are annoying and so fast they are nearly impossible to swat. I usually knock something over or wake the baby with my terrible swatting skills. So instead of using … Continue Reading →

Birthday Cake

Decorate a Cake Like a Pro Using a Toothpick

Ever try to write “Happy Birthday” on a cake and realize you started too far over and the letters seem to get much closer together towards the end? Or even … Continue Reading →


Unusual Substitute for Foundation Primer

The substitute is Monistat Chafing Relief Gel. I know sounds gross right? Kind of like people saying to use hemorrhoid cream under your eyes. Specifically Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. If … Continue Reading →


Re-purpose Crystal Light Containers

Use old Crystal Light containers for grab and go crayons, markers, and colored pencils! If you’re like me and love Crystal Light then you probably have one or two containers … Continue Reading →